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A combination of qualities that gives u pleasure in and out. 

I am the one will draws your attension now. Come, then You will experience the amazing moves while i drive u in my bed. As long as i open my door i will straight up fuck u then and there on the floor.


 And will arouse your sexual desire  with intending to satisfy the most precious things that will come out to u. Hmm yummy

What u longing is what u will get

I am kim  24yrs old tanned color  


Whatsapp +85297836548 

Email me for reservations 


PS: i am not be athletic but i am good with balls 😊😊😊

4P Analysis of Prostitution and Escorts:

Product: The core product is same but the packaging is slightly different. Traditionally, prostitution is plain vanilla and offers limited customization, while Escorts are like Choco Chips; full customization is allowed.

Price:A prostitute is seen as a low priced product (payment only cash), while an escort is a premium product (payment via credit card, cash and internet transfer also allowed).

Place:This is the key differentiating factor here. In the first case the customer comes to the product's location to consume it, while in the second case, the product travels to the customer's location. In many countries, prostitution is marketed only in specific retail outlets called Red Light Districts, while Escort is available through online channel as well as tradition supply chain.

Promotion:While prostitution relies mainly on word of mouth publicity, Escorts market themselves through other channels as well such as telemarketing, email campaign and other sponsored online contents.

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I am a woman who is friendly and with good sense of humor. Not a racist and welcomes everyone. My mind has been open to all possibilities and opportunities. I appreciate new things as I love Experiments! I am adventurist lover with wild imaginations! 

I promise that being with me would never be boring, not a single moment babe. My Girlfriend Experience is surprisingly what you dream of!

📌offerring a discreet and high class escort service for generous gentlemen. 

📌Surely understands what clients want. 

📌Well educated, stunningly beautiful and speaks with wit and good sense of humor. 

📌serves only clean and decent men 

What is the difference between a prostitute and an escort?

A great many people assume that an escort and a prostitute are the same. 

In a few spots it can be said to be the same. An escort is thought to be much for stimulation. A prostitute is hired only to fulfill sexual goals. 

An escort is a service by excellent women and nice looking men who are enlisted for amusement purposes. Escorts are simply individuals which should take escorted individuals to different spots. In any case, the truth of the matter is that a lot of escorts are likewise into sex for extra cash. Escorts are somewhat tasteful and are paid more than a prositute. The escorts are paid for having a hot and spectacular look and to take them to different destinations. 

The prostitutes are simply paid for sex, and they are not requested to escort anybody to different destinations. Escorts are thought to be lawful and prostitution as illicit, in most countries. An escort is similar to a buddy, and the installment is made for the friendship and not for sex regardless of the possibility that it may happen. This is the reason escorts are lawful. 

Escorts are extremely proficient. For employing an escort, one ought to book ahead of time at the escort offices. A prostitute can be grabbed hold of from the streets or a brother.The so-called "hooker" for the most part has a negative connotation and by and large alludes to prostitutes who work from the boulevards. The implication incorporates a relationship with ailments, drugs, pimps, and so forth. 

"Whore" is a derogatory word that ostensibly implies the same as prostitute, yet is regularly utilized equally with "skank" as an insult. "Sex worker" is the new catch-all term for individuals who offer sex among scholars and activists. This is now and then characterized to incorporate porn entertainers and in addition to prostitutes.

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scarlet📍whatsapp: +85254340902 wechat ID: scarletcox2018

Scarlet Cox

30 years old

very aggressive

massive breast and long black hair

stands 5"5


comes with fire🔥and fun 😀!!!


just message me👌🏻

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i will abuse you and use you for my pleasure

younger sperm is sweeter

older stallion is more fun and hot 

📍email: scarletcox2018@gmail.com

what is the difference between an escort and a prostitute?

While the job profile of an escort and a prostitute may sound similar, the differences are quite glaring if you consider the details. Prostitutes will always charge cheaper than the escort due to the quality of services.

Escorts are generally paid more for the simple reason that they are attractive, charming, dress well, have sex appeal, have a pleasant personality, and most are funny. Furthermore, they don’t meet clients daily. 

Unlike the escort, a prostitute will only be after quantity as opposed to quality. As a result, most prostitutes will always rush the process and prefer not to spend so much time engaging in chit-chat.

An escort, on the other hand, has a listening ear. They enjoy communicating with their clients. In fact, most will be hired depending on the languages they converse in fluently and their level of knowledge plays a significant role.

If you spend some time with a prostitute, you might end up regretting the experience afterwards. However, the story is different when you meet an escort. Your encounter with an escort will be a more sensuous and unforgettable experience. You will actually look forward to more experiences with classy escorts than you would with prostitutes.

Yet another important point to note is that prostitutes are forced into the trade by individuals engaging in sex trafficking. Consequently, the term is used dehumanize the sex workers. A vast majority of prostitutes are found working in brothels and are mostly forced into having sex. Some may operate in the streets.

Their aim is purely for survival. Escorts offer their services as sex workers out of their own free will, meaning they are not forced. They mostly offer their time and are rewarded with handsome payments by their clients.

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sweetest babe on earth has arrived! My name is Samantha 24, 5'5, MASSIVE BREAST! 

theses are the services I offer, 

*shower with client. you can start sucking my boobs in the shower, of course you will foam me. 

*blowjob in the shower if requested 

*massage, b2b, tantric or Swedish massage 

*pocket massage as you please 

orals (give and take) 

*French kissing 

*sex in your desired position 

*I can play Mistress too, but not submissive 

*you can also request for lingeries and costume 

*I party and also drink and chat seductively 

*I can also be with you just to sleep and cuddle 

*other services are maybe forgotten, you can ask me 


My specialty; CUM IN MOUTH h


email hawkinssamantha56@gmail.com

whatsapp +852-9021-5356

WeChat magnificentjelly22 

what is the difference between an escort and a prostitue?

This is not an easy question to answer because of  different definitions but as a hobbyist I will try.

Technically speaking an Escort is a companion and she is receiving compensation for her time spent with a client. This compensation is in the form of a " donation". The client agrees to.pay a donation for an agreed upon amount of time. No mention of sex, a price for certain sex acts is not mentioned or discussed. It is all about time. What happens between two consenting adults during that time is between the two consenting adults. As long as money for sex or a particular sex act is not a part of the conversation.  

A prostitute is someone who charges money for sex. And I add this to the prostitute definition,  who is also, or usually  a street walker, who advertises herself by wearing sexually suggestive clothing. 

Now everyone knows that Escorts are really charging for sex, but use the above definition to try and protect themselves from arrest. 

In my experience Escorts are more refined, cleaner, educated, friendlier, more expensive but.well worth it, in comparison with Prostitutes.


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